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  • Timberchic is an interior design solution that enables businesses to incorporate real wood into their decor without breaking the bank. Made from reclaimed logs from the Penobscot River, Timberchic veneers are pre-finished with a fire-retardent PolyWhey coating and come with three 3M adhesives on the back, allowing them to stick to almost any surface. One of the simplest do-it-yourself products on the market, completing a project with Timberchic takes only a few hours and requires minimal labor outside of peeling the backing and placing the strip on the desired surface. Ideal for creating an accent wall in a dining room, or covering an old hostess stand, the strips are lightweight so they won't cup, peel or add any bulk to the surface. Renovating with Timberchic is simple and transformative, and the beautiful, unique patinas in the wood are sure to impress patrons. For interested buyers, Timberchic offers free samples on their website at Pricing is $10 to $12 per square foot. Price is dependent on the width of the strip. The product was first released in September 2015 and the parent company is Maine Heritage Timber.

  • Woodworker's Journal

  • The Maine Show

    Tom Shafer shares his story of being laid off from a Wall Street job and then returning to Millinocket, a place where he had childhood roots, to start Maine Heritage Timber, a company that sells wood that has been salvaged from a Katahdin area lake and sold as flooring, siding, and furniture. Some of the wood dates back as far as 1824. Tom's is a story of rebirth and redemption: the perfect metaphor for Millinocket as the region looks to the future.

  • Interior Design

    Timberchic is a river-reclaimed wood veneer that DIYers and businesses are using to create stunning wall applications and interiors. The wood used to create Timberchic is milled in the USA, from centuries old logs harvested from the bottom of the Penobscot River in Northern Maine. These old growth logs offer unmatched hues and tightness of grain. Timberchic is treated with a Vermont Natural Coatings ® PolyWhey® Wood Finish, and uses premium 3M™ adhesive to make sure it will never cup or shift.

  • Maine Home Design

    Ten years ago, Tom Shafer was living in New York City and working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Now, he has a home in Millinocket and a warehouse filled with waterlogged wood. Change, he believes, is a good thing.

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