Reclaiming your Workplace is Good for your Health

Alisha Arsenault Uncategorized

Have you ever walked into an office for a meeting and the place smells like a plastic manufacturing facility? By the time, your meeting is over you have a headache and you cannot breathe? You can almost taste the oil based materials that you have been surrounded by and you are totally stressed out! Keep in mind, this was not from the meeting you just attended. This is happening more often than not in today’s corporate facilities.

Wood or natural surroundings in our professional lives can change this very easily. We are seeing concerted efforts to bring a more humanistic look and feel in both corporate and institutional office spaces throughout the country.

According to a Stamford University study last year, “students that walked thru a parkland for an hour were less anxious and performed better on a test of working memory than if they had strolled on a busy street.”

We see wooden communal tables being ordered and installed in health center break rooms. We see Pharmacy accent walls being clad with wood instead of poly pro plastic. And we see typical institutional customers investing in real wood conference tables and wood clad walls to make both employees and sales people more at ease and less toxic while meeting.

This is a great first step, and we hope a trend going forward.