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Fog Lake
Fog Lake
Fog Lake
Fog Lake

Fog Lake


$10.00-$12.00 per sq/ft 

These contemporary weathered whitewashed planks bring the serene, cool vibe and feel of a foggy stroll along the water at dawn. 

Product Specifications:

Thickness: 1/8”
Lengths vary between: 12”- 42”
Tape: 3M Backing

Let's figure out how much you'll need:

Please be sure units are in inches and not feet Please recognize this sq/ft calculator is just a tool. Entered information will not reflect in your cart
This includes 5% extra for waste

Installing Your Timberchíc

It's easy to install your Timberchíc wall boards. Watch and see for yourself. Then check out our other videos for more details on certain steps during the process.