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Spruce & Fir

Spruce & Fir Wood Wall Planks

Discover the unique charm of reclaimed spruce and fir with the Spruce and Fir Peel and Stick Wood Planks from Timberchí Pulled from the waterways of Maine, these century-old woods bring a piece of history and an eco-friendly flair to your interior spaces. Ideal for enhancing both walls and ceilings, these peel and stick planks offer a swift and stylish renovation solution that infuses your environment with rustic elegance.

Reclaimed spruce and fir are celebrated for their light color tones, which range from creamy whites to soft grays, and their fine, straight grain patterns. These characteristics make our spruce wall planks and fir peel and stick planks highly sought after for their ability to brighten any room, creating an atmosphere that is both airy and inviting. The naturally weathered texture adds depth and warmth, turning your living or working space into a cozy, inviting area.

The practical benefits of our spruce and fir wood planks are as compelling as their aesthetics. The peel and stick design facilitates easy installation, perfect for DIY enthusiasts eager to undertake a quick, hassle-free upgrade. The adhesive backing forms a strong, lasting bond with any clean, flat surface, making these planks a robust option for both residential and commercial settings.

Elevate your décor with the timeless beauty and historic charm of reclaimed spruce and fir wood planks from Timberchí Whether revamping a single room or undertaking a complete redesign, our spruce and fir peel and stick wood planks are sure to enrich your walls and ceilings with style, warmth, and a sense of heritage.