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Installing Your Timberchíc

It's easy to install your Timberchíc wall boards. Watch and see for yourself. Then check out our other videos for more details on certain steps during the process.

Cutting Planks

Hiding Knots

Ensuring a Tight Bond

Working Around Outlets

Sizing Last Row

Installing Trim

  • Will Timberchíc stick to any surface?

    Your wall planks will stick to most common wall surfaces in homes and businesses (wood, plaster, painted walls, etc.). We recommend trying a sample on your surface first. And we'd be happy to send you a sample box to try it out!
  • Do I need to use a J-Roller?

    Yes, a tight bond is crucial. Using a J-roller ensures our 3M backing gets properly bonded to your wall.
  • Can it be removed from the wall anytime?

    No. Removing Timberchíc planks will damage your wall. The 3M backing on our products is meant to last (and will!), so removing the product is not recommended.
  • Is Timberchíc safe to use in a bathroom?

    For a half bath, yes! For a Full Bath, Timberchíc products are not recommended.
  • Can Timberchíc be finished?

    No. Timberchíc products arrive pre-finished for a chic, polished look.
  • How much variation is there in the planks?

    |From the Water| collection all our recovered river wood. There will be natural wood character and color variations from being under the water since the 1900's. |From the Woods| collection products will offer you a more consistent overall look, with White Oak and Red Pine natural characteristics.
  • Can Timberchíc be used as an exterior design solution?

    No, we're currently focused on creating beautiful interior solutions only.
  • Can this be used near a fire place or near heat?

    Yes, you can put Timberchíc products near a fireplace or flame.
  • Can this be used as flooring?

    No, we're not currently making flooring products.
  • Is Timberchíc rough or smooth?

    Timberchíc products have a smooth, wipeable surface.
  • What is your return policy?

    We accept returns in its original packaged configuration. We reserve the right to not initiate a refund if our return standards are not met. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Original shipping charges are not refundable.
  • What species of wood is used?

    |From the Water|Our wood planks are a mix of spruce, fir and pine, all from the famed forests in the great state of Maine! |From the Woods| there are 2 new a hardwood: White Oak and a Red Pine species. added in 2021.
  • Can this be used on a ceiling?

    Yes, Timberchíc works and looks great on ceilings!
  • How many square feet do I need for my project?

    In feet multiple your length times your width. In inches multiple your length times your width and then divide that number by 144. We recommend adding 5% for waste.
  • Can I use Timberchic in my three season porch?

    No. Timberchic is best applied in a temperature controlled space. Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations are not good and have negative impacts on a Timberchic install. This would apply also to camps, breezeways and garages.